About company

We are on the mobile market since 2000. Thanks to 18 years of hard work our company Mobisell has established for itself efficient priorities, which have become integral part of our company:

  • Only high-quality products.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Work with world well-known brands.
  • The customer is always right!

The company supports customers in all phases of operation by providing information assistance, individually selected and well matched settlements, warranty service.

Thanks to our capabilities you can make a bulk and retail purchase of mobile phones, communicators, smartphones, CPU, tablets, in a huge price range – from not expensive, acceptable for everyone, to exclusive, limited in the release all around the territory of Ukraine and other CIS countries. We work not only with physical stock, but also with pre-orders, since our main goal is not just to make a deal, but to ensure the most comfortable and pleasant environment for the customer, respect their rights and needs – from the material, and the ethical side.

During the period of doing business, our company has formed close partnerships with distributors all over the world – namely, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, as well as with the advanced digital technologies market leaders in Western Europe and the United States.

Our company is a VIP client of such international trading platforms as GSMexchange, Gsm-b2b, Handelot. As it is known, all the participants of these platforms are tested for compliance with the trade security requirements – and that means a lot!